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Time for an introduction… three new colleagues!

1 Září 2017

From left to right: Willy Sevriens, Lion van Iersel and Fred Bijsterveld.

Lion van Iersel, Project Engineer

Technology runs in Lion’s blood. He has worked for a variety of businesses as a developer and engineer and as such he has experience with e.g. products for the automotive industry, household appliances and packaging materials for the pharmaceutical industry. Lion specialises in injection moulding, extrusion blow-moulding and the optimisation of moulds. At Rompa, he supervises the development of new moulds up to their production. “I sit down with the tool manufacturer to determine how we can create the perfect mould. I get excited when we can make a great tool together with a mould that meets all demands.” Working at Rompa feels like a step forward for this technician: “Working for major customers and with large quantities of products that are sent all over the world is a wonderful challenge.” Our new project engineer likes to get his hands dirty in his spare time as well. “Working on cars is a big hobby of mine. I even built my own Land Rover.” And when he is not tinkering with cars? “You will probably find me riding my mountain bike or hiking with my wife and our three dogs.”

Willy Sevriens, International Sales Manager

Willy came into contact with Rompa via his water polo buddy and former colleague Paul van der Linden. “I was with my previous employer, a company in the plastics and metal industry for years and held a variety of positions there, from Production Manager to Deputy Director. The focus was always on sales and marketing. I was part of wonderful and innovative projects in that field. However, I reached the end of the line at some point. I was ready for a new challenge. I ran into Paul at exactly the right time.” Before Willy reached his final decision, he visited the Rompa site in the Czech Republic. “I wanted to experience the service-oriented operations they mentioned first hand. At Rompa CZ, I was surprised by the possibilities, the level of expertise and the diversity of the products.” As international sales manager for Rompa, Willy will travel all over the world to meet with potential customers from January 2017. “This is a very diverse position, which lets me travel extensively and build and maintain relationships with contacts all over the world. I see the possibilities in every situation and I am up for anything. That is also reflected in my personal life. I am a true collector. You never know when something might come in handy!”

Fred Bijsterveld, Project Manager

The world of injection moulding has no secrets for Fred. It is therefore no surprise that he teaches the ins and outs of injection moulding one night per week at the Mikrocentrum, a technical educational facility in Eindhoven, in addition to his new position at Rompa. “I love sharing my knowledge of injection moulding with everyone, my colleagues included.” At Rompa, Fred hopes to continue his development in the field of project management and engineering. “I have some experience with CAD software, but the people here operate at a higher level.” As a project manager, Fred draws up calculations for customers’ requests. To do so, he examines the product design, inspects the drawings and inquires after prices. “The dynamism, speed and international nature of Rompa appeal to me. I look forward to developing great working relationships with people from different cultures.” Fred frequently travels across the borders for his hobbies as well. “I love scuba diving, both in the Netherlands and abroad, and cycling – preferably uphill.”