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fltr: Tim, Lawrence, Paul, Peter and Robbin

Teambuilding: reaching the top of the mountain together

29 Března 2018

Nobody ended up in the water and even those with a fear of heights made it to the top of the mountain. We already had a strong team at Rompa NL, but we came back from a three-day teambuilding trip to the Ardennes even stronger.

Upon departure on 15 March, everyone knew they were in for a difficult time during the survival weekend. Luckily, our colleagues were always there to help us climb the rock, cross the river and abseil down the mountain. First, however, we had to walk to our campsite from the Belgian town of Purnode, armed with just a map and a compass. Of course, it started raining when we got there. With a little help from Rocks ‘n Rivers instructor Kim, we quickly built the kitchen area and could all huddle under the tarp to get out of the rain. Our troubles were soon forgotten once everyone gathered around the campfire for drinks and tall tales. Paul van der Linden, international sales manager, agrees: “The team had a fantastic time around the campfire.”

part of the team

Racing down a mountain 
After a cold night (the temperature dropped to minus four degrees), the real work began. After all, you come to the Ardennes for the mountains – which we went up and down and into. We completed a treasure hunt to find the start of the push scooter course. Our reward was racing down the mountain on a special outdoor push scooter. We came down the next mountain by abseiling. First, however, we had to climb up fifty metres. Some of us had to conquer their fear of heights, but with a little help from experienced mountaineer Frans, everyone made it to the top. International sales manager Willy Sevriens reflects on the experience: “We conquered such great heights together.”

Muddy faces 
We had to cross a river on just two ropes to get to the final mountain. Fortunately, everyone made it to the other side without getting wet. Next, we went into a cave, where we sometimes had to crawl on our knees to move forward. We had smeared our faces with mud before entering the cave, because Kim told us it would help protect against mosquitos. We didn’t see any, though. They were probably scared off when they saw us coming! All in all, we had a fantastic time. Commercial director Martijn Jansen is satisfied. “Everyone left their comfort zone in some way and that makes me very proud.” Project manager Fred Bijsterveld adds: “It is good to get to know your colleagues under different circumstances. It brings added value for everyone.”

Willy and Frans
Frans, Paul, Peter and Martijn (top left to bottom right)