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sponsoring sports team in CZ

Sports for body and mind

28 Března 2017

In order to keep the team spirit 100%, we need to pay attention to other things besides work as well. Sports is a very important factor. In the Czech Republic our colleagues from Rompa CZ therefor sponsor the local basketball team ‘BK Vyškov’. Jiří Pešek works as a Quality Manager at Rompa CZ and in his private time he plays for this basketball team.

Tell us about ‘your’ team.
“Our team is a mix of players, starting from about age 18 up to 40 years. We are playing in the national competition for several years now and several famous players of the national basketball team grew up in Vyskov´s team. One of them is very tall guy who played all over the world – Ivo Höger.”


Rompa sponsors basket ballteam

Is basketball popular in CZ?
“I play since my childhood, started with my friend on elementary school when I was around 13. Then spent some time on outside playgrounds (we even built one together to have a place for training). In that time basketball was not so popular in CZ as it is nowadays.  

How successful is BK Vyškov?
“Team Vyškov has long history. It´s origins are dated back to 1934, so we celebrated our anniversary last year… We train and play for pleasure, however we do our best to reach the 1st position in the tab. And we are on our way, because according to the offical table from the Czech Basketball Sssociacion we were placed in 3rd place last season! Considering that we do not hire any professionals and our trainers are “self-grown” , I think we are doing a very good job, because we are able to beat teams from much bigger cities who have much larger player backgrounds.”

Since when does Rompa sponsor the team?
“Since season 2012-2013”

In what way or form does Rompa sponsor the team?
“Rompa contributed to purchase new sports clothing. The Rompa logo is on the shirts of the “A” team. There is also a banner of Rompa in the sports hall where we train and where matches take place.”


sponsoring sports activities

Besides you, are there other Rompa CZ colleagues who play in the team?
“Yes, our shift leader Jaroslav Danada who plays in the team and our coach, so lots of Rompa people.”

How important is sports to you?
“Sport is an important piece of my life. Regularly we train twice a week and have matches in season, from September to April, every fortnight a full weekend. During the summer we are changing our activities to have relax a bit from basketball and then we do cross-country running, outside physical exercises  and also some football. In 2014 we also organized for the first time a “Kids Day” on our outside playground, also with contribution of Rompa (refreshments, banner on the fence etc.) by the way. We definitely would like to repeat this event this year, as these kids are our target group.”

Do you think that all employers should sport? How does it help?
“Well, most people already attend sport activities during the week; badminton for example. I feel people can release stress by doing sports and can behave completely different then when they are at the office. People should find ways to sport. It is not only good for your health, but also for the mind…and that is why I do sport.”