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Afbeelding: Playing tug-of-war
Sports Day China 2015

Sports Day 2015 at Rompa China

28 Března 2017

On January 5th last Rompa China organized its annual Sports Day to welcome the New Year. There were three colorful sports activity competitions, tug-of-war, rope skipping and ping pong ball, and one riddle game.

Tug-of-war, with a total of eight teams, was a fierce competition. The winning team and runner-up battled for a long, long time and supporters of both teams cheered their lungs out. Then the second activity… rope skipping. All teams showed a lively, elegant demeanor, so we cannot help but applauding for them. One observation…. most of the team members were girls. What does that mean? Rope skipping is not popular amongst men? Or men cannot show an elegant demeanor whilst rope skipping. Guess we will never know (or we should encourage them to participate in next year’s Sports Day). What can we say about the third pong ball, China’s national sport number 1… It went back and forth and back and forth… a tough battle. About a quarter of all employees attended the riddle game; a competition of wisdom and knowledge. For every answer right question the players received a gift. That stimulated everyone, so soon the answers were correctly given and was the game completed (Was it that easy? Or are our Chinese team members that smart?).

At the end of the dag Anderson Wang (General Manager) and Jesse Plasman (Director Far East) presented awards to the winners and prizes to everyone. So a happy end of a wonderful day! This Sports Day is representative for the way Rompa China works, also in 2015: winning is important, but working in cohesion with each other is even more important in order to give the best possible service to our customers!


Playing ping pong ball
Playing ping pong ball
Playing tug-of-war
Tug-of-war battle
Playing the riddle game
Riddle game
Everyone received a gift at the end of the day
Receiving prizes
Playing rope skipping
Rope skipping
Jesse and Anderson with tug-of-war winning teams
Jesse & Anderson (right)