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Afbeelding: IFA

Smart is ‘the new normal’ at the IFA trade show in Berlin

12 Září 2017

From creative and innovative start-ups to true showcases from well-known companies such as Samsung, LG and Siemens: for Rompa, the first week of September was all about IFA in Berlin, the largest consumer electronics trade show in Europe. Sales managers Martijn Jansen and Peter Dielissen attended the trade show. Their most important conclusion is that smart consumer electronics are ‘the new normal’.

“There was no avoiding the enormous focus on the Internet of Things,” Peter says. “Many organisations are developing smart home solutions. From intelligent washing machines and toothbrushes to connected irons, smart fitness equipment and smart wearables: these days, everything is connected to the internet and controllable with your smartphone.”

Bigger role for voice-controlled speakers
At IFA, our sales managers also discovered that voice-controlled speakers play an ever-growing role in the operation of consumer electronics. Think of Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, for example. You can connect all smart devices in your home to these speakers. You can then ask it to dim your lights, play your favourite show on your TV, wash a load of laundry or read out your favourite pasta recipe to you.

Connectivity is key at Rompa
Rompa responds proactively to this shift towards connected products. Peter describes: “We are rapidly gaining experience in this relatively new industry. We have, for example, already released our Gilette razor stand with order button. You can order new razor blades from the comfort of your own bathroom with a single press of a button.” Rompa has multiple ongoing projects that focus on connectivity via Sigfox, M2M, Wi-Fi and BLE. With our brand-new SMT line, we are able to make our products connected.

New collaborative partnerships
“All in all, we were definitely inspired by what we saw at this trade show,” Peter says. “We have seen the latest developments in the market and what our existing clients, such as Philips, TomTom, Bosch and De’Longhi, are working on. We also discussed these developments with other interesting parties, which might just lead to new collaborative partnerships.”

Martijn (r) and Peter at IFA