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Running start for Rompa Slovakia

28 Března 2017

Our site in the Slovakian town of Bardejov is doing great. So great, in fact, that we expect a significant expansion of its staff from 35 to 80 operators. The first successful audits have already been conducted and a move is being planned!


Rompa Slovakia opened its doors in mid-2016 with the goal of relieving the strain on the plant in the Czech Republic. This site is focused on the assembly of plastic products for the automotive industry and the consumer electronics sector. A growing number of the injection-moulded products we manufacture in the Czech Republic are assembled in Bardejov. That is not the only reason for this site’s growth, however. We are seeing an increase in the demand for assembly in general. The advantage of the location in the north-eastern region of Slovakia is that it is home to more professionals than the Czech Republic, which affords us excellent expansion opportunities.


New location found
Of course, we want to keep from outgrowing our current location. That is why we have already begun looking for a larger site. We have our eye on a nice, recently renovated building in the area and are currently in talks with the municipal government about the potential move.


Bosch and Tyco audits
We can pat ourselves on the back all we want, but it is much nicer when our customers do that for us – preferably with hard facts. Fortunately, there is good news in this regard as well. Over the past month, Rompa Slovakia has been audited by both Tyco and Bosch. We passed both tests with flying colours!

Rompa Slovakia