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Afbeelding: New factory - Rompa Shunxing

Rompa Shunxing celebrates its 13-year anniversary!

23 Leden 2018

It is time to celebrate at Rompa Shunxing. Exactly 13 years ago this month, the production site in Jiangmen, China, opened its doors. Anderson Wang, general manager at Rompa China, was there from the very beginning.

Rompa has been doing business in China since the late ‘90s. “At first, we outsourced our production to local partners. We opened our first production site in China in 2005,” says Anderson. Jiangmen, a city in located in the vibrant Pearl River delta, was selected as the location for the Rompa site. Over the past decades, this area has become one of the largest industrial zones in the world, earning it the nickname “the Workshop of the World.”

Metamorphosis in the region
Whereas the delta mainly housed export factories staffed with cheap labour in the early nineties, the region has undergone a true metamorphosis since then. The factories you find there now are characterised by the exceptionally high quality of their products, their complex machinery, the high degree of automation and robotisation and the wealth of knowledge and expertise of the people working there. The production is no longer focused solely on export; instead, it also targets the rapidly developing local market.

Rompa Far East

Much more than just injection moulding
Anderson compares the development of the region to that of Rompa Shunxing. “In 2005, we had six machines and seven people. Today, we have 38 machines and 300 people. For a time, we even had 700 people working here. As a result of the automation of our processes and the implementation of lean manufacturing, however, we can do the same amount of work with far fewer people.” The complexity of the projects has increased significantly over the years. Anderson: “Injection moulding is no longer the only thing we do here. We have acquired a wealth of expertise in the field of electronics and new high-level connectivity technologies such as PCBA, WLAN, cellular M2M and Bluetooth Low Energy. We are rapidly becoming a full-service partner for our clients. Our goal for the years to come is to further increase our expertise in these fields.”

Moving to a new location
Because of Rompa Shunxing’s rapid expansion, it had outgrown its old production site in Jiangmen by 2013. The factory was moved to a new location in the same city, three kilometres away (see picture). Anderson remembers that time well: “We had to move all our machinery and equipment in just one week, all without delaying our production. The move was a success because of the efforts and involvement of our people. For our clients, it was as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. That was a wonderful team effort!”