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Rompa Olympics

Rompa Olympics: a fantastic day with a surprise ending

13 Března 2018

At Rompa Shunxing, our production site in Jiangmen (China), it is our tradition to kick off the Chinese New Year in a sportive manner. On Friday 2 March, the annual Rompa Olympics were held: a day full of sports activities that our colleagues can participate in as a team. Vivian Zhang, international sales manager, looks back on a wonderful day.

“It just so happened that the event coincided with the lantern festival this year. For Chinese people, this is the traditional end of their New Year’s celebrations, which last for several weeks. There are lantern shows and plenty of fireworks. That made this edition of the Rompa Olympics even more special,” Vivian explains. She looks back on the event with fondness. “It was a fantastic day. Everyone was having a great time. Words can hardly express how fun it all was!”

tug of war

Typical Chinese sports and games
The day was full of typical Chinese games, such as badminton, tug of war, skipping rope and of course table tennis, the national sport. Vivian: “The tug of war in particular resulted in a fierce competition. People were enthusiastically cheering from the sidelines!” Teams were formed with people from all Rompa departments, which meant we could enjoy the athletic performances of our injection moulding, assembly, quality and administrative departments. If we can believe Vivian, they were all very motivated: “The teams worked together very well, played tactically and kept cheering each other on all day long.”

Dancing colleagues from the injection moulding department
Besides the sports competitions, there were also several performances. Vivian: “I was particularly impressed by the traditional dancing some of my colleagues in the injection moulding department. Although they are all around 45 years old, they gave a fantastic performance that was followed by a well-deserved round of applause from the audience.”

skipping rope

Continuing the tradition
At the end of the day, Jesse Plasman, director Far East, and Anderson Wang, general manager of Rompa Shunxing, gave out prizes to the participants. Everyone got a nice reward. Next year, there will surely be another edition of the Rompa Olympics. It is important to Jesse to keep this tradition alive. “Working together and striving towards a common goal as a team are nothing new for the people at Rompa. That makes it all the more fun to compete against each other now and then. You get to know your colleagues in a different way. Every year, I enjoy seeing how much happiness this day brings to everybody.”