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Afbeelding: Rompa - carnaval

Rompa NL celebrates carnival in “Kruikestad”

7 Únor 2018

With production sites all over the world, our international mindset is part of everything we do. Nevertheless, Rompa’s roots can be traced back to the south of the Netherlands – to the province of North Brabant, to be exact. Four days a year, this province goes absolutely crazy during the carnival festival.

The Dutch carnival celebration, held this year from 9 to 13 February, is rife with tradition. For four days, people dress up in their craziest outfits to party in the streets, there are parades with floats and the mayor symbolically gives a “Prince Carnival” control over the city. The number eleven is seen as the number of the fool. Many activities start at exactly 11.11 and the Prince has his own Council of Eleven. Another typically Dutch carnival tradition is eating herring on the Wednesday after the festival. Rompa NL’s colleagues will participate in this tradition, even if they are working that day.

During the festival, many cities and towns in the south of the Netherlands are given a different name. Tilburg, the location of Rompa’s head office, is called “Kruikestad.” According to the lore, textile workers in Tilburg used to collect their urine in jugs (Dutch: “kruiken”) and sell it for cleaning and dying wool. Who can say if there is any truth to this story. We will have ourselves a wonderful party nonetheless! Of course, we will be available as usual on working days.