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Philips' Work Factor certificate

Philips' Work Factor certificate in the pocket

28 Března 2017

Recently, our colleagues Machiel van Reenen (Rompa China) and Marek Marák (Rompa Czech Republic) successfully completed a training by Philips called ‘How to Improve the organization of a workstation’, part of the ‘Work Factor’ program. The full Work Factor program is divided into different levels, suited to the detail of the required analysis. The training that Machiel and Marek followed was the Very Easy Work Factor level.

What was this training about? In a nutshell: all human work basically consists of the same, returning elementary movements, so-called ‘standard elements’, including (but not limited to) Reach, Grasp, Move and Assemble. Thanks to these elementary standard movements it is therefore possible to determine, in advance, the necessary motions for a particular activity.

The Work Factor tool gives the user insight in time and efficiency on a very detailed level of operations throughout production and assembly processes, in current and future situations, and enables to determine in advance a change in efficiency before it has been applied to the process.

We are proud that Machiel and Marek passed with very good results. Now it’s time to incorporate it in our Rompa processes, so we can work even more efficient!

Machiel van Reenen (Rompa China) en Arend Bakker (Philips)
Arend Bakker (Philips) on the left congratulates Machiel van Reenen (Rompa China)
Marek Marák (Rompa Tsjechië) en Arend Bakker (Philips)
Arend Bakker (Philips) on the left congratulates Marek Marak (Rompa CZ)