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Steven Guo - Rompa Shanghai

Meet our colleague Steven Guo from Rompa Shanghai

28 Března 2017

With us it's personal. In the context of our "It's the people who make Rompa" web section, we would like to introduce another colleague to you: Steven Guo.

1. Who is Steven Guo in a nutshell and what is your position at the Rompa Group?
“I am Steven and I am Production Manager at Rompa Shanghai.”

2. How long have you been working for the Rompa Group and is your current position your first position at the Rompa Group?
“This month exactly I am working for 1.5 years with the Rompa Group. My first position at the company was Plant Manager.”

3. What makes Rompa….Rompa (please describe how you feel about the company)?
And what makes Rompaunique in the plastics industry?
“Rompa is unique because it feels like a big family, there is the opportunity to grow (for promotion) and last but not least, the work environment is always happy.”

4. What is (are) your specialization(s)? What do you contribute to the company?
“My specialties are management, communication and coordination. When I translate those specialties to concrete contributions for the company, then I would say: increasing our output, reducing the scrap rate, coordinating co-operation with our customers and, very important, reducing costs.”

5. Which achievements have made you proud?
“Well, there are some. But the most proud… actually of everything I contribute to the company each and every single day, I think.”

6. What are your ambitions for the next 5 years and how do you want to achieve them?
“I would love to have a promotion for the position of General Manager. Isn’t that a great ambition! But for that I will have to continuously learn to improve my management skills and other abilities.”

7. What is it that you do and need to stay ahead in a competitive market?
“As I said… Continuously learning in order to improve my knowledge and skills.”

8. What is your motto?
Be humble and work hard!”