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Jamie Shen - Rompa Shunxing China

Interview with Customer Service Rompa Shunxing

28 Března 2017

August 2014
Jamie Shen
Customer Service - Rompa Shunxing China

1. Who is Jamie Shen in a nutshell and what is your function at the Rompa Group?
“I am a girl who works as a Customer Service representative in the Sales Department of Rompa Shunxing. In Customer Service I deal with samples and mass orders in our factory and for our customers. Think of things like sampling, forwarding orders to PMC, pushing lead times, following up shipments and so on.”

2. How long have you been working for the Rompa Group and is your current position your first position at the Rompa Group?
“I joined Rompa Group on June 27th 2013, so more than 1 year now! Working in the Sales Department is my first position at the Rompa Group.”

3. Tell us how a typical day at the office looks like. What do you do and who do you speak? Please tell us also about the typical questions you have to deal with on a day to day base.
“A day starts with checking my emails, making calls to double-check or push orders, answering calls, answering emails and so on. Most of time I am busy with these things. The people I speak to include customers, PMC, the engineering department, transportation companies and so on. The typical questions I receive on a day to day base: Could you advise about the lead-time? Could you offer us a quote? Could you push the delivery ahead to…? Could you check if the customer can accept to delay from…? And so on. Quite diverse!”

4. What makes Rompa Rompa? And what makes Rompa unique in the plastics industry?
“I like Rompa’s business culture. It makes me feel warm. For example our management introduced their families to all employees at Rompa China. Our boss is nice and kind. And my colleagues are kind as well.”

5. What do you contribute to the company?
“Well, I’m not sure. But I do know how to communicate with our customers and I always try to meet their requirements. On an intern level I know how to get along with my colleagues which helps me to face the customer’s requests.”

6. When is a day a good day for you?
“When I can control all our orders and samples requests and when I can meet our customers’ lead-time….then it’s a good day for me. And when we get more and more mass orders! And on a personal note it’s a good day when my family is doing well.”

7. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
“Hopefully still in Jiangmen at Rompa Shunxing!”

8. Who is your example, your role model?
“There is a saying in China, by Confucius: “Amongst three people walking, one can certainly be my teacher” That says it all I guess.”

9. What is your motto?
"I’ve got two mottos. The first one is 'No pain, no gain' and the second one is 'Tomorrow is another day'."