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Afbeelding: ROMPA CZ

Injection moulding via gas injection: less time and material required

26 Říjen 2017

With gas injection, a modern injection moulding technology, it is possible to make a partially hollow product. Rompa CZ has the facilities to use this technology and will soon invest in new equipment to elevate the quality and capacity to an even higher level. With the new gas injection installation, we can save valuable time, while using up to 65% less material.

“The plans are final: in early 2018, Rompa will invest in a brand-new gas injection installation,” says Fred Bijsterveld, project manager and injection moulding expert. “This installation allows us to manufacture plastic components with hollow interiors. The major advantages of this technology are that it requires less material and saves time, because the hot plastic cools down faster.”

Here is how it works
Fred explains the process: “First, we fill the mould with plastic material. Next, while the plastic is still partially liquid, we inject nitrogen. This harmless gas pushes the plastic against the sides of the mould, creating a hollow space. Once the plastic has cooled down, the nitrogen leaves the mould. The result: a sturdy product with a hollow interior.”

Lighter material
Currently, this new injection moulding technology is mostly used for relatively large products, where weight is an important factor. “Gas injection is great to use for heavier products,” Fred says. “Because the plastic components are hollow on the inside, the final product is lighter and easier to use for the end user. That is a major benefit!”

Plug and play
The mobile gas injection installation that Rompa will purchase is easy to move and can be connected to different injection moulding machines. That means we can also use this technology for other projects in the future.


Injection moulding via gas injection (2)
Injection moulding via gas injection