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Lawrence van den Molengraft

Five questions for … new sales colleague Lawrence van den Molengraft

5 Leden 2018

Although he has lived practically around the corner from us in Tilburg for twelve years, Lawrence van den Molengraft had never even heard of Rompa until recently. Now, as our new sales manager, he is an integral part of our team. Time for an introduction: five questions for Lawrence.

Why Rompa?
“I came into contact with Rompa via a recruiter. I was immediately excited. Rompa has a dynamic and compact team, made up of people who do a lot for each other. We deal with a wide range of different customers and products. That creates an interesting challenge for me as sales manager: developing a unique strategy for each customer and carefully considering their needs. Customers always come first at Rompa. That attitude suits me very well.”

What do you do?
“My main responsibility is to expand our activities for existing customers and acquire new customers. Another important aspect of my job is maintaining communication with other Rompa locations, mainly those in the Czech Republic and China. I visited Rompa CZ during my first month and I will soon travel to Rompa China.”

Does the international nature of the job suit you?
“Yes, definitely! I love experiencing different cultures, overcoming cultural differences and collaborating on an international level. I will spend circa twenty percent of my time abroad, so that is ideal.”

What do you contribute to Rompa’s sales team?
“Before joining Rompa, I worked as an account manager at Prodrive Technologies, where I acquired a wealth of experience with electronics and finished goods. Rompa has also entered this market. I hope to put my experience to good use during future projects.”

What do you do outside work?
“I love football. At university, I joined a student’s football team, which eventually made it as far as the amateur division of the Dutch professional football club Willem II. Whenever I am in the Netherlands, I train twice a week and play a match on weekends. I also love running. Last but not least, I enjoy cooking a nice meal or going out to dinner. I have an amazing girlfriend, Lieke, with whom I live together in Tilburg.”